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Kerry coverage - not!

Reported by Chrish - July 2, 2004 -

In Cloquet, MN today, July 2, Fox News Live's Campaign Carl Cameron teased us that Kerry had the media in the crosshairs (3:15) but when we saw the clip of Kerry speaking he was making a joke that not every town has a Starbucks.

We didn't hear anything else Senator Kerry had to say, but got Carl's careful analysis of the situation: "...he's going to have a little bit of a difficult time connecting with rural voters, coming from Massachusetts, heavily educated, quite wealthy, and a US Senator, there's something of a cultural disconnect."

Rick Fulbaum changed the subject to Kerry's choice of running mate: "no matter what you think of Kerry, he's not exactly a WOW kind of guy. Does his campaign think they need to get a WOW kind of guy or woman* on the ticket?" Carl says Kerry would love to invigorate the campaign...as a speaker he tends to oratory, a lofty type of rhetoric, not the everyday talk you'd find in Cloquet...

Comment: Or the mangled malapropisms we've come to recognize as Bush: Unplugged. Is he saying Kerry isn't dumb enough to talk to ordinary Americans? Or are we too dumb to understand him?

This was a carefully scripted piece meant to make John Kerry look as though he was not able to relate to the "common man/woman". Rather than let the viewer hear his speeches and plans, Fox cuts it, guts it, and throws us a bucket of slop.

* Who might be a WOW woman? As Judy posted in Hitting on Hillary , Fox is planting the seed of Hillary for VP, perhaps so whomever is ultimately picked can be "third choice". (They're already touting John McCain as first choice, who supposedly turned down the alleged offer.)