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Four Days Without Hannity

Reported by Deborah - July 2, 2004 -

Sean Hannity has been away from his show
since Monday. His absence has made a
profound difference in the tone of the hour,
as well as this Newshound's nervous system.

Watching Hannity ,every night since February, has not been easy
and actually listening to what he says, makes it that much harder.
After a time, a certain numbness and detachment starts to dull the
pain but it's the dread, that starts to build an hour before, that's the
real killer. A glass or two of wine and a few affirmations for courage
followed by a warning to my family, who quickly run to their bedrooms
slamming doors, is the nightly ritual.

Hannity is consistantly rude and nasty to anyone who disagrees with
him.The one exception to that rule are the women who flirt while
disagreeing. Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller get a pass too because
Hannity says they have integrity, which means they agree with him.
Hannity's number one enemy changes frequently but that person will
be ruthlessly attacked without regard for truth, fairness, or the victim's

Hannity has been replaced by Oliver North who seems like a gentlman
in comparison, unless any type of warfare is criticized. The guests with
opposing views have actually been allowed to complete full sentences.
The most astounding change can be seen in Alan Colmes who is now
taking an active role in his own show.

Unfortunatly, this Newshound's dread remains, now wondering when
Hannity is coming back.