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Cheney, Kerry on the campaign trail

Reported by Chrish - July 2, 2004 -

Rick Fulbaum, filling in on Fox News Live July 1, reported at 3:05 that Dick Cheney was speaking to Republicans in the state of Louisiana. He spoke of Iraq and the war on terror at the D-Day Museum in New Orleans.

Cheney praised Bush and celebrated his policies, but he also warned that the war on terror would continue into the foreseeable future. (Such optimism.)

For "balance", Alisyn Camerato reported from Boston about the Kerry campaign. Rather than report about his message or proposals, we heard that because he refused to cross a picket line in Boston, he "reneged at the last minute". She continued "After being snubbed some press reports suggested the mayor was so angry he hung up on Kerry. (Mayor) Menino maintains that's a rumor the Kerry camp is spreading..." She said The Boston Globe said the mayor said the Kerry campaign is small-minded and incompetent. Also sprinkled throughout the report were "flap", "sparring", "battle".

Comment: I don't know if Fulbaum misspoke and meant to say Cheney addressed "Americans" or "voters", or if Dick Cheney actually only speaks to Republicans. He must not have gotten the "uniter" message from his boss.

The Kerry coverage was packed with negatives and derogatory comments, some of them third-hand, as we NewsHounds have come to expect. For a change, the time devoted to the D was greater than that devoted to the R, but that was so they could fit in all those slams. The Decision 2004 piece would have been closer to fair and balanced if Fox had included the reception Cheney got from a bi-partisan crowd at Yankee Stadium in NYC the night before, where he was roundly booed when his face was shown on the big screen.