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Step Aside Al Franken, Michael Moore, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky! Here Comes Alan Colmes!

Reported by Melanie - July 1, 2004 -

At 4:45 p.m. ET today (July 1, 2004) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Neil announced, as he went to break: "Next, he's the most watched, most quoted, most feared liberal in the country, and he's not Al Franken...."

Two minutes later, who do I see but ALAN COLMES! Evidently a magazine (I couldn't understand Cavuto's garbled announcement of the name nor could I find anything on the Internet) has pronounced Alan Colmes the "king of all liberal media!"

Some snippits from this chummy discussion:

Cavuto introducing Colmes: "Why is he so successful when we know most liberals are not?"

Banner at bottom of the screen: "Liberal Leader."

Cavuto: "You are the most quoted liberal out there."

Banner at bottom of screen: "Alan Colmes: Leading Liberal Radio Host in US."

Cavuto: "But why don't you do" the shouting, "most liberals do." (Colmes of course meekly explains that he gets his point across in his own way.)

Cavuto: Your radio show is "very thoughtful," they're (other liberals), "ranting and raving a lot." (This from the Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity network.)

In what I thought was the most conservative thing this "King of all liberal media" could have said, (given the new Bush Internet ad which includes pictures of both Kerry and Hitler) Colmes said, you have to be careful because they (liberals) "compare Bush to Hitler."

Video of Al Franken signing books on a split screen.

Cavuto: You have to be liked. "They [liberals] clearly seem to bend over backward not to be liked."

COMMENT: Colmes is no liberal. If Fox wants a liberal, there are plenty of true liberals out there they could hire. I'm sure the conservatives and neocons at Fox, and connected to and supportive of it, laugh and laugh at Alan Colmes behind his back. They're using him as their token "liberal." In the end, the viewing public loses. There's no "liberal" voice on Fox.