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Another Happy Day in Iraq

Reported by Judy - July 1, 2004 -

It didn't quite measure up to the hype of Fox News' coverage of Monday's rushed departure from Iraq of the American civilian leaders, but Fox News Live was still pretty excited about the court appearance of Saddam Hussein. (July 1).

One question which hosts Bridget Quinn and Bob Sellers returned to several times was the reaciton of the Iraqi people to the televised event.

At 9:35 a.m. EDT, correspondent David Lee Miller in Baghdad said the "reaction on the street has been positive." But how does he know? He presented no interviews with Iraqis to demonstrate where he got that impression. He added that, "Most people here are grateful" that they got to see Saddam hauled before a court, another assertion with absolutely no quotes to back it up.

In fact, at 9:19 a.m. EDT, Fox showed video of Iraqis watching the proceedings on television. The handful of men showed no reaction and Fox did not interview any of them. They may indeed be grateful, but we will have to take Fox's word for it, something I'm reluctant to do.

Quinn, though, was insistent about demonstrating that Iraqis will support the trial and that the proceedings would unite the country (9:48 a.m. EDT). She asked the wrong person when she posed that question (9:50 a.m. EDT) to Aureza Jafarazadeh, president of Strategic Policy Consulting and a Fox News foreign affairs analyst. He predicted the reaction will be mixed and that Iran could try to use the trial to its advantage since it controls most of the news flowing into Iraq.