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The Numbers Look Good

Reported by Deborah - June 29, 2004 -

Celinda Lake, a well established and
respected Democratic pollster, had
some encouraging numbers to report
at George Washington University today.
(6/29/04 C-SPAN 4:25 PM ET)

Lake reported that although the country is solidly polarized,
Kerry has taken the lead, especially in the battlground states
where he leads by up to 9 points.

Democrats, Lake says, are energized and 77% plan to vote
in November . Since a solid majority believe the country is
heading in the wrong direction,this will translate into
Democrats winning seats in the House and Senate.

Although the Republicans have been praising the economy,
the polls indicate that 63% are worried about jobs and 23%
have a family member out of work. Lake claimed that this
is an astounding number. Males without a college education
are the most concerned about the economy and anxious for
a change in leadership.

The most interesting data that emerged was the loss of points
in Bush's personal approval. Lake explained that until now,
people liked Bush ,even if they did not approve of the job he
was doing. At present, Bush has a 47% personal approval
rating and Cheney's is much lower.

So what about those glowing numbers for Bush shown each
day on Fox? Well, that's a very good question?