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A Whole Show That Spun for Bush

Reported by Melanie - June 29, 2004 -

Fox was in perfect form today (June 29, 2004, 1:00 p.m. ET) in its production of Dayside w/Linda Vester. The theme was buttress Bush, or bash those who don't, and they hit all the big points.

NOTE: I dislike long posts but this show had to be presented in its entirety to convey Fox's ability to choreograph a show that seems produced entirely for the purpose of spinning for Bush, aside for one segment about the Scott Peterson trial.

The show opened with Rend al-Rahim, Iraq's ambassador-designate to the US, to counter, as Vester said "critic's" claims that the US is still in control in Iraq;

On to an unidentified article in today's New York Times, which, according to Vester, claims that US officials "remain in many" of the Iraqi ministeries. Asked if she agreed with this assertion, Ms. al-Rahim said: "I completely disagree" and then went on to elaborate, concluding with "they [employees at the ministeries] work at the pleasure of the minister."

Then on to Jonathan Winer of the Council on Foreign Relations to discuss charging and trying Saddam Hussein, with an emphasis on how the Iraqis are in charge.

Next, to "F&B Watch" (fair and balanced watch - a semi-regular segment). In this segment Fox aired a very short clip of reporter Bill Neely of ITV asking Tony Blair a question (presumably while in Turkey): "How do you counter the impression that you couldn't hand over Iraq soon enough?" Vester and the audience decided that question was "biased," just "totally biased!"

Then, introducing a good news segment from Iraq, Vester said: "While the other networks really focus on the negative," we bring you the good news!

Then, heading to a break, Vester announces that, with regard to Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11, they're checking to see where he "might be running afoul," and that's coming up.

After the break, we hear a list of errors contained in Fahrenheit 9/11, partly "refuted" by none other than Chris Ullman of the Carlyle Group.

Next, a discussion of the kidnappings and beheadings in the Middle East and then an audience "poll" by Vester which concluded that American's aren't getting intimidated by the killings, they're getting angry!

Next, a full screen Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll asking who people are going to vote for in November: Bush 48%, Kerry 42%.

And finally, a fairly lengthy segment with Rich Lowry of the National Review, Ellis Henican of Newsday and Michael Harrison of Talker Magazine, essentially designed to laugh any political influence Howard Stern might have right out of the studio and dismiss him as a nobody (Howard Stern's urging his listeners to vote for John Kerry).

COMMENT: Fox hit the major points of the day today - heralding that the Iraqis are in control in Iraq, not the US; that Saddam's still out there and was a really bad guy but the Iraqis will take it from here; Bush did not "cut and ran" from Iraq; there's good news in Iraq, if only the press would report it; Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is factually incorrect so if you see it, you can't believe it; contrary to any polls YOU might see, Bush is still ahead, and finally, forget what Howard Stern says, he's just a pervert.

And the FCC lets Fox call itself a "news" channel?