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The Happiest Iraq Ever!!

Reported by Melanie - June 28, 2004 -

Neil Cavuto was overjoyed and thrilled at the "brilliant" move (at something like 2:00 a.m. ET last night) of the Bush administration to handover "sovereignty" in Iraq two days early. Here are some of the glowing comments and banners today:

Opening the show, Cavuto said: "Beating the deadline - it shows the Coalition is taking things into it's own hands."

Bernard Kerik (former NYC Police Commissioner and former "Iraqi Interm Interior Minister"): "Another tipping point." A "sovereign Iraq, a free Iraq."

Banner: "Iraqi forces will have help from apx 130,000 US troops."

Brenda Buttner: "Wall Street waltzed at the news."

Wayne Rogers (CEO Wayne Rogers & Co.): Doing this two days early, "It lends credibility."

Cavuto: "But it is brilliant."

Frank Lanza (CEO L-3 Communications Holdings): "A brilliant move," and, "I'm kind of excited...I think you're going to see a big change now." And, we're "taking a back role there now...we've stepped back and said 'Iraq, you're a country now.'"

Cavuto: "In other words, this is a positive development?"

Lanza: "Very much so...I'm honestly hopeful that finally the chapter's gonna be written right."

COMMENT: Immediately prior to the actual "handover" last night, L. Paul Bremer issued several new edicts making it clear that the United States still has firm control over the Iraqi government. Once I come across a decent article describing that, I'll put a link here. The glee being expressed on Fox today is glee over a fake event. The cheerleading they're doing for the Bush administration leaves out so much information that it's essentially a lie, and telling the lie does nobody but George Bush and his corporate buddies any good.