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Sustainable Energy Debate

Reported by Deborah - June 28, 2004 -

C-SPAN aired a debate between
representatives for Bush and Kerry,
at The Institute for Sustainable Energy.
(6/28/04 2PM ET)

David Hayes, an energy consultant for John Kerry, and
David Garman, Bush's Ass't Sec't of Energy, met at
Georgetown University on 6/24/04 to debate policy on
sustainable energy.

Hayes, speaking first, outlined Kerry's plan to reduce our
dependance on Middle Eastern oil which amounts to
20 billion dollars a year. Hayes expressed Kerry's concern
over the growing competition for limited resources citing
China's astounding growth and need for oil. Hayes went
on to emphasize Kerry's opposition to drilling in Alaska a
and his desire to be part of the Kyoto Agreement to take
immediate steps to combat global warming'

David Garman made this opening statement.
" President Bush and John Kerry have the same vision for
safe, affordable, and renewable energy."
He continued to emphasize how similar Bush's policies
are to Kerry's ,praising Bush for the enormous strides his
administration had made in this area. The only small difference
is the proposed drilling in "the non wilderness area of ANWAR
right next to the settlement which has already been developed."
He claimed that President Bush " deserves kudos" for rejecting
the Kyoto agreements which were not realistic. He ended his
time with this statement.
"We are ready to compromise. I worry that my friends in the
environmental movement will not compromise."

Anyone listening to Garman, without prior knowledge of Bush's
record, would be convinced that George Bush and John Kerry
were both enlightened environmental activists. Garman acted
amazed that President Bush concern for renewable energy was
not realized by everyone. It must be that liberal media distorting
the facts, Mr Garman.