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O'Reilly to CNN: Reassign Amanpour

Reported by Marie Therese - June 28, 2004 -

On June 28, 2004 between 8:49 PM and 8:51PM EDT, during an interview with Boston University journalism professor, Robert Zelnick, Bill O'Reilly argued that CNN should reassign Christiane Amanpour, its Chief International Correspondent, to other duties. I'll let Bill speak for himself

O'REILLY: Shouldn't CNN do what NBC did with Maria Shriver, that is, say [to Amanpour] "No politics - can't [garbled] politics. Can't be runnin' around doin' any analysis. Ya' can't even cover politics...."

ZELNICK: But she was doing that long before ...

O'REILLY (overtalking, raising voice): Yeah. But it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. She marries this guy [Jamie Rubin] and this guy takes a job with Kerry and it's the same thing with Shriver and Schwarzenegger.

ZELNICK: I think, if you applied that rule, you're basically silencing her completely, 'cause Jamie's area is foreign policy.

BOR (loudly, triumphant): Yeah!!

ZELNICK: Christiane's area is foreign policy.

O'REILLY: Well, let her cover movies or somethin'.

COMMENT: I'm absolutely speechless with anger at this! Is this another of Bill's "cutsie" comments, like comparing Eric Alterman to Joseph Goebbels? Or is he serious?

This is so blatant is actually funny. Who does this guy think he is? Does he really think anyone's gonna take him seriously?

CNN isn't stupid. They aren't gonna fire their star reporter, a WOMAN of MIDDLE EASTERN descent just because O'Reilly says so.

Bill, get a life .. go fishing ... your bloviating went way over the top this time!