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Happy, Happy Iraq -- Or Not

Reported by Judy - June 28, 2004 -

Fox News has spent most of the morning of June 28 gloating over the "historic day" in Iraq when the U.S. "handed over sovereignty" to the new Iraqi government two days early.

It's hard to tell if they are happier about the actual transfer of power or what they perceive to be a big boost for Bush from the surprise transfer two days earlier than scheduled.

Fox and Friends co-host Steve Doocy was positively giddy about the situation, bragging about how Bush needed international support and got it from NATO (8:22 a.m. EDT) and stressing what an historic day it was.

In a phone interview with Henry Kissinger beginning at 8:32 a.m. EDT, Doocy gushed, "This is a great day for Iraq and for the rest of the world.!" Kissinger deflated Doocy instantly by saying, "That remains to be seen." Doocy's face fell. It was great! Kissinger also said NATO was merely maintaining the appearance of the alliance by agreeing to train Iraqi security forces, another blow to Doocy's ecstasy.

Kissinger wouldn't even concede that the early transfer of power was some kind of master stroke by the Bush administration, saying, "I wish it had been done on schedule," apparently interpreting the early transfer as an acknowledgement of the ability of the insurgents to cause disruption.