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Glass "Half Full"

Reported by Judy - June 28, 2004 -

Jon Scott tried on June 28 to knock down a Time Magazine story about members of the insurgency in Iraq, but Time's senior correspondent was more than a match for Scott.

Scott said he wanted to look at the transfer of power from the standpoint of "the glass half-full," and told Weiskopf he was skeptical of a Time story about former Abu Ghraib prisoners joining the insurgency.

Scott said it sounded like propaganda for the insurgency, to which Weiskopf said, "It shouldn't be hard to believe that people who have spent months in Abu Ghraib prison without charges were radicalized" by the experience. He said the prison became a school where new recruits were taught about the insurgency.

It's a reminder that no matter how wimpy we think the mainstream news media is, Fox is generally much worse.