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Bush Blair Coup

Reported by Eleanor - June 28, 2004 -

On Fox & Friends (June 28, 7:50 a.m.ET), the anchors were giddy about the coalition turning over power to the Iraqi government two days early, saying that from this day forward the violence will be blamed on the "insurgents" against the Iraqis, or "the enemies of Islam" against the Iraqi people. The word "terrorist" disappeared from the Fox vocabulary. Are there no longer any terrorists in Iraq? Why were there no insurgents until today?

Multiple times in the space of ten minutes, Fox showed Rumsfeld passing a note to Bush, who whispered in Blair's ear, as all smiled broadly. The timing was "superb" as Bush & Blair were in the middle of a NATO meeting, and managed to get NATO countries to provide training, although the US wanted 10,000 troops.

Fox anchors E.D. Hill, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade gushed over how much this will help Bush. They said in chorus, "Give the mess to the Iraqis," as E.D. chimed in with, "We're outta there!" (How about the 138,000 U.S. troops still there indefinitely?)

Comment: The word "terrorist" will no doubt disappear from Iraq, even if the foreign terrorists don't. After all, there were no terrorists in Iraq before the U.S. occupation. Terrorism was just a temporary condition under the U.S. occupation? The masked bandits with guns and bombs, blowing up cars, buildings and people have been transformed overnight into "insurgents" and "enemies of Islam" by the twist of a word or phrase. Ah, the magic of words.