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A Huge Mess Getting Worse

Reported by Eleanor - June 28, 2004 -

On CNN Larry King Live (June 28, 8:38 pm ET), Anderson Cooper discussed how the Iraqi people feel about their new government. Cooper stated that, "One difference they feel is that now they have the right to complain. They complain about the lack of basic services - electricity, water, jobs, etc. Overall it's hard to say."

Cooper said he gained some insights about the insurgents from Michael Ware, Time Magazine, who spent months with the Iraqi insurgents and got an insiders' view of how they operate. Cooper said, "The insurgents are changing. They have new links with foreign fighters. Borders are very open. Patrols are not up to snuff - not enough personnel. Iraq is now the front line of the global Jihad against the United States. The Jihadist terrorists are an ominous development."

Comment: This report by Anderson Cooper, quoting Michael Ware, indicates that Rumsfeld was right about one thing, when he said this is a long, hard "slog," and worse. Obviously, the Iraqis aren't celebrating in the streets. I would have heard about that on Fox. At least, under Sadam, they had electricity and water. Now they have 60% unemployment and everything around them is blowing up. How do we get our kids out of this mess?