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Go Shopping & Pretend It Isn't So

Reported by Eleanor - June 27, 2004 -

On CNBC (June 27, 8:40 pm ET), Al Franken commented on the lack of sacrifice required of the American people after 9/11. The President asked us to "go shopping" in the first days following the disaster. Franken pointed out the two tax cuts since 9/11 as being the first tax cuts ever in a time of war.

Franken further stated that during an "orange alert," we are "encouraged to go to the mall." If the alert goes to red, "The President will ask us to shop online."

Comment: Leave it to Franken to highlight the importance of the market economy and consumerism, over issues of life and death, in this country. Consumerism is of prime importance to our leaders and, sadly, to our people as well. I pretend that it isn't true, but something tells me it is true, at least to the people with the political power in America these days, who reap the benefits of our purchases. Duck tape and plastic anyone?