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Weekly Feeding of the Faithful

Reported by Eleanor - June 26, 2004 -

Fox's Heartland w/John Kasich (June 26, 8:00 p.m. ET) was rich with republican talking points of the week, with hardly enough time to get them all in, but Kasich tried valiantly.

The War on Iraq: The Iraqi people need to turn against the "terrorists" if they want the Americans to go home. (The definition of "terrorist" is anyone killing Americans or blowing up things.) The Americans charged with prisoner abuse should not be subject to an international court. (Although they broke international law.)

The Economy: The market gets stronger when Bush improves in the polls. The market likes low taxes, so if Kerry comes in, the market will go down. (As taxes on high incomes and dividends go up.) The market will go down on health care stocks. (Because Kerry will make the profits of insurance and drug companies suffer.) Why aren't people noticing the good economy? Half the people hate George Bush, and they ignore good economic data. Meredith Whitney suggested that people help themselves more by getting full time jobs instead of no jobs, or part-time jobs, and take their money out of mutual funds and put it into good companies. (These people are serious. They live in a totally different world than the rest of us.) The Walmart class action lawsuit (related to wage discrimination against women) is an example of corporate America free market capitalism under attack. (By their underpaid female employees.)

Hospital errors are killing 98,000 people a year. That can be fixed by spending money on more computers. Patients need to push doctors to stay informed about their needs and spend time with them. (And that's all? How about more oversight and investigation of the deaths, as well as more lawsuits?)

Cheney's comment that his use of profanity against Senator Leahy was "appropriate:" Kasich and Nancy Skinner, Radio Host, thought Cheney should apologize, but Ken Hamlin, Radio Host, said "Remember Clinton and Monica." (Justification for any republican indiscretion. Cheney's mouth is mild compared to that.)

Ralph Nader: No Nader support from the Green Party will help Bush. (Nader will get more independent votes than if he were Green.)

Kasich found time for a slam against an "activist judge." He also gave his weekly care and feeding to the religious right with a complaint about a non-profit organization that gives medallions to soldiers' families, and they now cannot get Army help because the medallions have a Bible verse on the back.

Comment: The only opinion that leaned slightly to the left was that Cheney should apologize for his profanity, with which Kasich agreed because "the Senate is dignified." If Cheney had said it anywhere else, it would have been OK.