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The Ups and Downs

Reported by Deborah - June 26, 2004 -

Juan Williams and Fred Barnes
told us, who's up or down this
week in the world of Fox.
(6/26/04 Beltway Boys 6:10PM ET)

UP- Bill Clinton and his record breaking book sales.

DOWN- Jack Ryan (for getting caught.)

DOWN- Al Gore for saying that the republican Party has a
"rapid response" team to influence public discourse and
referring to them as " digital brownshirts." Also for talking
about the 9/11 Commission's findings of no links between
9/11 and Iraq. Barnes wailed, "He should get his facts

UP- Bill Frist for not letting John Kerry vote on Veteran
issues because he has been away campaigning.

Juan William, the so called liberal, replacing Mort Kondaracke
made Kondaracke look downright progressive. He had nothing to
say about the bizarre choices for "ups and downs" even joining
in with the Gore bashing. Up is down and down is up, on the
Orwellian Fox News Channel.