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Taliban Rises Again

Reported by Deborah - June 26, 2004 -

Dari Alexander on Fox News Live
reported that "the Taliban rises
again" in Fallujah.(6/26/04 4:05 PM )

According to the Washington Times, but unsubstantiated by
the Pentagon, a strict Islamic government has taken over
Fallujah. Residents have reported that they are not allowed
to dance or listen to pop music and people cooperating with
the coalition are immediatly shot.

Col. Tim Ead joined Alexander to voice his concerns at 4:08.
" This has got to stop now! "
Dari Alexander then posed an interesting question to Ead.
" Is there a possibility of martial law in Iraq and what would
that mean?"
Ead's replied " The constitution would be suspended and the
military would take over."

That certainly would be a convulated course to take in the pursuit
of a Democratic Iraq. Bringing back the Taliban Monsters would
help gain public support, if martial law was declared before the