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What's This about George Soros and ACT?

Reported by Melanie - June 24, 2004 -

Late in today's Dayside w/Linda Vester (after they devoted a full, uninterrupted 20 minutes to coverage of a car chase in LA), Linda Vester opened a segment by saying: "Felons going door to door in support of Democrats..." then trailed off and introduced Rich Lowry and Ellis Henican, Fox News Analysts. Vester showed two "Fox News/Opinion Dynamics" polls, "minutes old," one asking whether the war in Iraq was worth it (Yes: 50%, No: 42%), the other asking whether or not there was a partnership between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda (Yes: 56%, No: 28%, Not Sure: l5%).

Vester, Lowry and Henican talked for a bit and then Vester said: "George Soros' group, ACT, they're hiring felons to go door to door" to get personal information, like Social Security numbers from people. Neither Lowry nor Henican responded directly to this and the segment soon ended.

COMMENT: Fox is on a campaign to discredit all-things-Soros because Mr. Soros is giving a lot of money to organizations who are working to defeat George Bush in November.

I just "Googled" George Soros for news and find nothing about this there. Where Linda Vester got this, I can only imagine (my mind happens to go first to the Republican National Committee).