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Stewart Hits the Bullseye Every Time

Reported by Eleanor - June 24, 2004 -

On The Daily Show last night (June 23, 11:00 pm ET), Jon Stewart again outdid himself with his brilliant assessment of Bush's denial concerning his support for the torture of prisoners.

Stewart showed a video of Bush saying that he "does not condone torture, did not order torture, and would never order torture." This statement by Bush contradicts a written memo, shown by Stewart, with Bush's signature, stating that he would accept the Justice Department Memo suggesting that he could suspend the Geneva Conventions in the War on Terror. Bush claimed, again on video, that he does not remember seeing the Memo, and that he could not torture people.

Tongue in cheek, Stewart followed with another clip of Bush, introduced with a Stewart comment that Bush shows he's giving a lot of thought to this issue. On the video, Bush mispronounced Abu Ghraib, the name of the Iraqi prison, again. Stewart remarked, "He put an "F" in the word. He's not stupid. Really. But (continuously) mispronouncing the word gives the public the impression that you don't give a s**t."

As of yesterday, this infamous Memo is being replaced with something not so "broad," according to the Justice Department.

Comment: Ah, If only all of us had the talent, satirical wit and courage of Jon Stewart, who totally erases the spin and tells it like it is. I'm glad our kids watch Stewart. He'll make them smarter, even if his vocabulary does have to be bleeped. He's not teaching vocabulary, he's teaching critical thinking.