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Out in the Sun too Long, Jerry?

Reported by Judy - June 24, 2004 -

Geraldo Rivera may be spending too much time out in the sun over in Iraq. In a report June 24 on Fox News Live, Rivera discussed the insurgent attacks in five separate cities in Iraq the same day and then made an incredible statement.

In a report beginning at 9:41 a.m. EDT, Rivera said that while U.S. soldiers have been delivering water, medical supplies and toys to Iraqis, they are not getting enough attention for it.

"There's only been one prison scandal (holding up one finger). ... (Yet) It's that bad news that is all you hear about, especially in some media," he said.

Isn't one prison scandal enough to merit outrage? And didn't that ONE scandal include a lot of people, not just ONE?

Guess the king of sensationalism has lost his taste for it.