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Loosening the Coattails

Reported by Eleanor - June 24, 2004 -

On CNN's Larry King (June 23, 9:00 pm ET), Ron Reagan, son of the late president, criticized Bush, accusing him of getting us into the Iraq War built on lies.

"We lied our way into the war," Reagan said, focusing on the lies about WMD and connections to al Qaeda. "It's a terrible mistake, a terrible foreign policy error."

The younger Reagan stated that he would vote for anyone who could beat President Bush.

Reagan further criticized Bush on his opposition to stem cell research by stating emphatically, "It's shameful. We're not talking about fetuses, human beings being killed. We're talking about collections of cells in a petri dish that are never, ever going to be a human being."

Comment: Could it be that the week long political marathon, using a funeral as an excuse, and attempting to tie Bush to Reagan's coattails has backfired? Ron Reagan sounds very anti-Bush to me. I doubt if you'll see him on Fox.