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Bill's Book

Reported by Judy - June 24, 2004 -

They can't stand it, they just can't stand it. The popularity of Bill Clinton's autobiography is driving the folks at Fox News wild.

On June 24 on Fox and Friends, the co-hosts noted that Clinton's book had sold 400,000 copies the first day. Steve Doocy quibbled that a lot of those were probably big orders by book stores and not really sales to individuals (but the book stores wouldn't order them if they didn't expect to sell them, Steve).

Although Doocy and his side-kicks did note the Clinton sales were a one-day record for a NON-fiction book, Doocy pointed out with a smirk that a Harry Potter book sold 5 million in one day. I don't know how to break it to you, Steve, but Harry Potter is FICTION.