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They'll Air Bush Speech but Not Kerry's

Reported by Melanie - June 23, 2004 -

At l0:32 a.m. ET today on CNN, after a live report from Pennsylvania where President Bush will be making a "stump speech," Daren Kagen announced that CNN would be carrying some of that speech "live when it happens." She then turned to a report on John Kerry's activities today, saying he was due to deliver a "major speech on health care." Kagen did not say CNN would carry any portion of that speech.

COMMENT: If Bush is making what is billed as a "stump speech," it's campaign business, not government business. It's free advertising for Bush for a media outlet to carry it and they need to grant equal time to the other candidates. Email the news provider when you see this happening. Remember, the media controls what you DON'T see, as well as what you DO see.