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The Other Woman

Reported by Eleanor - June 23, 2004 -

On Fox & Friends (June 23, 7:10 am ET), the discussion centered on "Boiling Bill." It seems that Bill Clinton's response to a BBC reporter about the Ken Starr investigation is akin to Howard Dean's "rant." E.D. Hill "ranted" that if Clinton hadn't done what he did, Starr and the media would not have done what they did. Clinton's behavior caused the furor that put the country through agony.

Comment: Humm. I need some clarification. Maybe an analogy would help. Is this anything like: A woman walks down the street scantly clad. She is raped. The rapist says that if she had not taken off her clothes, he would not have raped her, so it was her fault. He gets off because the woman tempted him.

So Clinton's private indiscretion alone is the cause of a two year, $40 million investigation and media frenzy, ending with a Congressional vote to impeach and a country in political chaos. It was totally Clinton's fault. He should not have had the affair in the first place, and tempted everyone to destroy him, along with the country. Therefore, he has no right to be angry now.

Clinton is responsible for his actions. His detractors were just responding to his sins, and that response cannot be questioned. OK. I get it now. Thanks, Fox for clarifying this for me. I was thoroughly confused as to how we should react to what public people do behind closed doors, especially when the media and the right-wing politicians are in bed with one another, actually married to one another (and they don't "cheat"). A powerful left-winger like Clinton is like the "other woman." Now I'm fully informed. I report. You decide.