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She's Back

Reported by Deborah - June 23, 2004 -

When Hannity wants to say the unthinkable without risk,he invites
Ann Coulter to do it for him.(6/23/04 9PM)

For the third time in June, Ann Coulter returned to Hannity&Colmes.
This time her job was to help Hannity combat Bill Clinton's influence.
Coulter's only weapons are her shocking, vicious and demeaning

9:02PM Coulter accused Clinton of "using an intern as his ashtray"
and raping women.
9:04PM She titled her review of Clinton's book, "Moby's Dick"
because it went on too long." (whatever that means?)
9:14PM "He's a decadent buffoon and the whole world knows
he's a decadent buffoon so they keep putting out
these books to change people's minds."
9:17PM " All the people that don't support Bush are traitors."

The fact that Coulter accused Bill Clinton of a felony on air without any
proof, did not concern Fox or Hannity one bit. Other comments made no
sense or were vulgar and inappropriate but for some reason Coulter
gets a pass. I just don't get it.