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Jon Stewart Catches Cheney in a Whopper!

Reported by Eleanor - June 22, 2004 -

On Comedy Central's Daily Show (June 21, 11:00 pm ET), Jon Stewart showed a video clip of Dick Cheney lying through his teeth about a statement he made in December 2001. The issue under discussion was Mohammed Ata's alleged meeting with Sadam representatives from Iraq in April 2001. On the video, Cheney was attempting to dispute the 9/11 statement that there is no "collaborative" connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

When accused of saying that "it was pretty well confirmed that Mohammed Ata met with Sadam's people in April of 2001," Cheney stated emphatically, "I didn't say that." Stewart follows this video taped segment with an older film clip that shows Cheney clearly stating on December 9, 2001, "It is pretty well confirmed that he (Ata) did meet with them (Iraq) last April." Richard Ben-Veniste, of the 9/11 Commission, said on Meet the Press on June 20, "There is unshakable evidence that Mohammed Ata was in Florida in on April 1, 2001, and he could not have been in two places at one time."

Comment: It seems that Cheney should avoid telling his lies on video. That sort of thing gets you every time. Maybe he's not so smart after all, if the director of "fake news" can trip him up so easily.