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Deserters in Canada

Reported by Deborah - June 22, 2004 -

Heather Nauert, Fox Investigative Reporter, has been following a story
of two American GI's who fled to Canada because they believe the
Iraq war is illegal.(6/21/04 Hannity&Colmes 9:41 PM)

Nauert reported, the shocking truth, that these two men have been
warmly welcomed by the Canadians and there was even a fundraiser
for them which raised $5000. Nauert obtained some amazing film of
one of the deserters walking his baby in a stroller and going into his

Nauert attended the fundraiser and Hannity anxiously asked," How
bad was the anti-American rhetoric? How bad was the" Bush Bashing?"
Heather reported that it was especially bad from all the aging Vietnam
draft dodgers. They even had critical words for Fox News. (imagine that)
"Did they mention me?" Hannity blurted.