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Ask a Stupid Question ...

Reported by Judy - June 22, 2004 -

... and you'll get a stupid answer. You'd think a dunce like Steve Doocy on

"Fox and Friends" would have figured that out by now, but on June 22 he proved yet again his ability to ask really stupid questions.

In keeping with Fox's coverage of President Clinton's autobiography, Doocy and the other Fox News co-hosts have been walking a thin line trying to ackowledge the huge public interest in the book while looking for anything to criticize about Clinton.

At 8:34 a.m. EDT, the line for a Clinton book-signing at Barnes and Noble across the street from Fox studios was stretching around the block, four hours in advance of the opening. The intrepid Doocy went across the street to intervew some of the people in line and shouted a question asking if anyone was going to sell his or her book on e-Bay for $300 or $400, as some people are doing, no doubt hoping to find somebody who would say he didn't care about Clinton and just wanted to make a buck.

Instead, one man asked Doocy, "Why would anybody do that?" Doocy responded, "Why keep it after you've read it?" To which the man on the street responded, "It's a piece of memorabilia."

Doesn't mean much to a Clinton-hater.