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Pure Venom

Reported by Deborah - June 21, 2004 -

Hannity couldn't hide his animosity toward Bill Clinton while discussing
Clinton's new book tonight. (6/21/04 9PM)

Lanny Davis, former counsel to Clinton, and James Rogan, impeachment
manager, appeared to talk about Clinton's book, " My Life." Rogan
praised Clinton's candor and was able to put any bad feelings for
Clinton in the past. Rogan even admitted that being an impeachment
manager cost him the election in his home district.

At this point Hannity popped in with " Lanny, Lanny,you just left
Bill Clinton. He loves it. It's all about me. Me me, I I ." The venom was
dripping from his lips. (9:04 PM)

Then after reading a critical review from the New York Times, Hannity
starts again with " He has a pattern. Congenital liar. Why should we
believe anything in this book? I think what he did is disgraceful. Do
you think he is an honest man?"

At this point he airs an ad from a right wing independant group, Citizens
United which directly blames Clinton for terrorism. The last frame shows
Clinton's book change from "MY LIFE" to " MY FAULT".

Lanny Davis objects strongly to this ad which is really vile but Colmes is
silent. Hannity, on a roll, rants on about Clinton losing Bin Laden and
brings up all the tired talking points, used to blame Clinton.

At last, Colmes speaks up to say that Clinton worked hard to save his
marriage showing family values. Hannity's laughter can be heard in
the background.

Comment: Sean Hannity, it's time to grow up. This display tonight was
pathetic. Even your die hard fans know a childish tantrum when they
see one. As for you, Colmes, your complicity makes you look as
ridiculous as your partner.