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Escalating Clinton Coverage

Reported by Judy - June 21, 2004 -

Fox News has never been a cheerleader for Bill Clinton so it was interesting to watch the escalating tone of the coverage of the release of Clinton's ...

autobiography My Life. On "Fox and Friends" starting at 8:07 a.m. EDT, June 21, co-host Steve Doocy began discussing Clinton's book and his "60 Minutes" interview, referring to Clinton's thoughts at Oxford as a youth that if politics didn't work out, he could always be a bellman at the Plaza Hotel. Fox next went to an interview with Armstrong Williams, syndicated columnist and radio and TV show host, and Susan Estrich, Fox token liberal news analyst. Both agreed Clinton did well in the interview and sounded truthful, the only disagreement coming on whether he really left office regretting he didn't get Osama bin Laden.

The commercial break, however, demonstrated how Fox will cope with the favorable coverage Clinton will get this week from the release of his autobiography. The evening shows being promo-ed are "Hannity and Colmes," questioning whether the release of Clinton's book will draw too much attention from Kerry, and O'Reilly's show, promising "shocking revelations" regarding Clinton's foreign policy.

It's definitely one type of "balanced coverage" -- every five minutes of favorable coverage about Clinton must be balanced by hours of criticism.