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Clinton Season Opens

Reported by Deborah - June 21, 2004 -

O'Reilly had P.J Crowley , author of Losing Bin Laden, on tonight to
once again, talk about Clinton's failure to get Bin Laden.
(6/21/04 8:40PM)

There was nothing very interesting about this segment considering this
information has been grossly over reported by Fox. However, it was
a mandatory offering on the eve of Clinton's book release. Crowley
made it clear that Clinton had his facts all wrong in his 60 minutes
interview and said that he would like Clinton "to be honest or candid
just once."

comment: Crowley better get some new material when he attacks
Clinton. Clinton has been painfully honest and candid in his book
and the old tag of dishonesty, just doesn't have the same bite.