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View From the Right

Reported by Eleanor - June 20, 2004 -

On Fox News Sunday (June 20, 5:18 pm ET), Chris Wallace managed to slide in most of the republican talking points of the week.

In a discussion of Bill Clinton's book, "My Life," that no one present had read, Wallace asked John Podesta if Clinton "had slept on the couch for several months," and Podesta replied, "Yes, and the New York Post will have the floor plans tomorrow." At the end of the interview, Wallace repeated the oft mentioned, "The NY Times says the book is sloppy, self-indulgent and eye-crossingly dull. That will sell a lot of books!"

This exchange is followed by a weekly "happy Iraq" list of what we've accomplished in Iraq: Children in Baghdad are getting supplies; now they're brushing their teeth; equipment is being sent to TV stations for man-in-the-street interviews; and 34 crates of books were sent to the library.

With an interview of Bill Frist, spouting most of the political points of the republican party; a panel discussion about a connection between Iraq and 9/11; and Kerry's VP choice, they managed to get in many issues with a Fox slant, including the selection of Dick Gephardt, as a "grown up," and John Edwards and Bill Richardson with the "pizzazz," that Kerry sorely lacks, as Kerry's likely VP choices.