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Geraldo in Iraq

Reported by Deborah - June 20, 2004 -

At Large with Geraldo (6/20/04) came to us live from Iraq but
this time we got no happy stories of a grateful liberated Iraqi
population working to rebuild with the help from coalition

Geraldo showed a country in complete chaos with violence increasing each
day. Geraldo's pitch was altered too, talking about the growing terrorist
brutality. " Where do they go from here, eating children?", he asked
a speechless army officer.( 10:05 PM) Yet, everyone he interviewed
was very positive about the hand over on June 30th while admitting that
130,000 troops should help the transition.

The only opposing voice came from former Ambassador Edward Peck,
who spoke to Geraldo from Washington. When asked about Iraq's
sovereignty he replied, " We are handing Iraq a package wrapped up with
pretty bows, with nothing in it."(10:26 PM)