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CNN and "Clinton Mania"

Reported by Melanie - June 20, 2004 -

Sunday afternoon (6.20.04), I saw a teaser ad on CNN for Monday's "Paula Zahn Now" show. The title of the show was advertised as "Clinton Mania," obviously referring to the attention being given former President Bill Clinton in the run up to the release of his book My Life, on June 22.

Over the last four months or so, CNN has run a one hour "special," entitled "Fly Boys," approximately three times. The story largely focuses on the WWII military experiences of George H.W. Bush.

COMMENT: I haven't seen any documentaries recently (aired even once) about John Kerry's father's diplomatic experiences, or any hour-long "special," for that matter, singing the praises of any prominent Democrat.

John Kerry gets practically no coverage on any television news outlet, be it network or cable yet Bush is covered live steping off Air Force One and getting into a car. "Experts" and "pundits" are almost exclusively pulled from Reputlican and right wing "think tanks," Democratic issues are framed in a hostile manner and are almost always followed up with the Republican point of view, though that rule of thumb doesn't apply when the tides are turned.

The title of Zahn's show feels like just another of the hundreds of ways in which things having to do with Democrats, progressive, or "the left," are given a negative spin by the media, but when excessive Republicanism happens, not a peep is heard, like a few weeks ago when we could have used a title, somewhere, called "Reagan Mania."