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Anonymous challenges

Reported by Chrish - June 20, 2004 -

Twice on Fox News Live (6/18) Shepard Smith used e-mails as a way to pose challenging questions of guests.

At 3:08 EDT he says that emails ask if we (the US) can trust the Saudi government anymore, in light of the horrific murder of Paul Johnson. Jonathan Clarke of the Cato Institute has the floor for ten minutes to assure us that we can and must work closely with the Saudi government . We go to Mansoor Ijaz for the answer to more alleged emailers to find out if we really have any friends there (Saudi Arabia)?

Comment: This is a ploy to appear to question the wisdom of the Bush administration's continued close ties to the House of Saud, although Fox journalists are not actually committing the unpatriotic heresy of asking these questions. Fox can claim to have aired a conflicting viewpoint (and of course effectively quashed it.)