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Now He Tells Us

Reported by Ellen - June 19, 2004 -

June 18, 2004, 10:16 pm MDT. Alan Colmes berated a caller to his radio show for calling the 9/11 Report "liberal." Colmes shouted, "It's not a liberal report. Whenever you don't like something you call it liberal!" Then he hung up on the man, apparently disgusted at his closed-mindedness.

If only Alan Colmes had shown the same conviction yesterday or the day before on the Hannity and Colmes television show when it might have counted for something.

If so, perhaps Harvard Law Professor James Cavalarro could have discussed some of the substance of his letter to Ted Kennedy calling for a full-scale investigation into the Iraqi prison abuses. Instead, Colmes sat silent while Hannity ranted and blustered over Mr. Cavalarro's (unverified) liberal partisanship thus blocking a genuine airing of the true issues. Then, just as Mr. Cavalarro got a moment to speak, Colmes cried out, "10 seconds!" and ended the segment.

Similarly, the previous night, it was Colmes who changed the topic while John Podesta, former Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, tried to discuss right-wing media distortions. Once again, the opportunity for a serious examination of an important topic, presented by a credible spokesperson, was lost.

Is Colmes just irresolute? Or is he simply mindful of a Fox agenda coming from his superiors? Either way, it's the audience who loses when the marketplace of ideas becomes monopolized.