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George Soros At Columbia University

Reported by Deborah - June 19, 2004 -

George Soros was the commencement speaker at Columbia University
on May 17,2004 which C-SPAN aired 6/19/04 8PM. It was both moving
and profound.

George Soros's address at Columbia's School of International Relations was
an honest appraisal of a world in trouble. He urged the graduates to pause
and reflect on the world, they are entering.
" After 9/11 it was understandable for President Bush to announce a War on
Terror as a figure of speech but he meant it literally, and that is when
things went seriously wrong."

Soros went on to explain that the "War on Terror" has cost many more
innocent lives then were lost on 9/11 but since these are not American
lives, we are less concerned.
"I have spent my life promoting democracy around the world and I can testify
that it can't be done by military means."

Then Soros made a point that is a sad truth that most of us would rather deny.
" I would love to blame all of this on President Bush but he was playing to a
receptive audience. Even now the majority of the electorate has confidence in
President Bush's handling of terrorism. If Bush is re-elected, we must ask,
"What's wrong with us?"

Soros expressed fear that the War on Terror would become permanent.
"A country in a permanent state of war, can not remain an open society.
In an open society, nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth.The
Bush administration has declared any critics unpatriotic. But it is not
enough for us to reject Bush.We must reaffirm the values of an open
society. The most dangerous threat will come from ourselves, if we fail."

Comment: Fox News and especially Sean Hannity, ridicule and discredit
George Soros constantly . Hannity regularly calls him a dangerous, Bush
hating extremist. The uninformed Fox News viewer has been fed an
impression of George Soros that is outrageously untrue. This kind of
character assassination is totally unacceptable, yet it continues.