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Connecting the Missing Link

Reported by Eleanor - June 19, 2004 -

On Fox News Week-End (June 19, 12:31 pm ET), Tony Snow interviewed Stephen Hayes of "The Weekly Standard" and author of "The Connection." Hayes tried to debunk the 9/11 Commission Report's conclusion of "no collaborative connection" between Sadam's Iraq and Al Qaeda, and the belief of no connection whatsoever. Hayes says that both got it wrong.

Snow questioned Hayes about the 9/11 Commission conclusion that nothing came of the 1994 and 1998 Iraq/Al Qaeda meetings and "no serious evidence" about Mohammed Ata's Iraqi connection. Hayes replied, "The Clinton Administration cited additional meetings," and "There is documented evidence of meetings, including a May 2000 meeting with Ata in Prague. The 9/11 Commission didn't get it right."

Comment: This story is a continuing attempt by Fox to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of viewers about the 9/11 Commission Report before it's released. Is it Mr. Hayes book, or the Bush Administration's reasons for going to war on Iraq, that Fox is promoting? The 9/11 Commission Report is certainly receiving loads of attention from Fox an entire month in advance of its release. They must anticipate a lot of damage considering the daily damage control we're already witnessing.