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Clark Didn't Take the Bait

Reported by Eleanor - June 19, 2004 -

On Fox's Heartland (June 19, 8:00 pm ET), John Kasich interviewed Gen. Wesley Clark. Instead of giving Gen.Clark the courtesy of fifteen minutes of uninterrupted air time, Kasich took a five minute break from the Clark interview and went to Geraldo in Iraq for a staged display of "happy Iraq" with Geraldo smiling, surrounded by happy soldiers. He presented a lucky horseshoe to Paul Bremer that had just been shown on the Fox Report a few minutes earlier.

When Kasich resumed the interview, Gen. Clark took up where he left off with answers that were still very thorough, concise, and specific as to how he would handle the situation in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Kasich had nothing to criticize, so he ran out of anything to say.

Comment: It appeared that Kasich, by interrupting the interview, thought he could throw Gen. Clark off his stride, and allow Kasich to take control of the interview, but it didn't work. Gen. Clark's military training served him well. He was very well-spoken and professional, leaving no opening for Kasich to jump in and disagree, or put him on the defensive. Kasich didn't even have his usual republican response as the "last word." Clark said nothing with which Kasich could provide a reasonable alternative, or a negative response. Clark looks like vice-presidential material to me. That's undoubtedly why the media never mentions his name. He's scary.