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O'Reilly on the Abu Ghraib Factor

Reported by Eleanor - June 18, 2004 -

In a commentary by Bill O'Reilly from "The O'Reilly Factor" (June 15), repeated on Foxnews.com The War on Terror Just Got Worse, O'Reilly blasts the NY Times and the American media for its excessive coverage of the Abu Ghraib story.

O'Reilly states: "The New York Times" took a breather for the Reagan funeral, but today was right back on page one with another Abu Ghraib story. That makes 43 front-page stories on the Iraqi prisoner abuse in the past 47 days. By contrast, the more objective "Chicago Tribune" has run 27 front-page stories."

"The New York Times", of course, is using the prisoner story to hammer the Bush administration and will continue to do so, but here's the unintended consequence of that. By creating hysteria over Abu Ghraib, the much more important war on terror story has almost vanished from the news pages. Last week's unbelievable dog and pony show by Senators Kennedy and Biden once again placed the blame of Abu Ghraib on the Bush administration. And the senators did everything they could to mandate no coercive interrogations of suspected terrorists. Meantime, foreign governments are encouraging suicide killers, and we are the targets. Yet it's all Abu Ghraib, all the time in much of the American media, politics once again trumping your security."

"The war against Islamic fascists is a story for our times. This is the big one. This is the one that could end your life and the lives of your children. We need to wise up and toughen up. And President Bush may take a strong leadership role here. If Iran has signed up thousands of suicide killers, then something needs to be said and eventually done, now."

Comment: The Reagan Funeral didn't dominate the news at all, right? Also, I wonder if fewer suicide killers and "Islamic fascists" would sign up, if we quit stripping them naked, attacking them with dogs, attaching electricity to their genitals, and putting them on all fours with a leash around their necks, as if they were animals? It doesn't appear that we're trying very hard to "win hearts and minds," thereby stopping this carnage, does it?