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Is Iran Next?

Reported by Judy - June 18, 2004 -

Is the Bush administration using Fox to build a case for bombing Iran? It sure looks that way.

Consider the stories on "Fox News Live with Jon Scott" on June 18. At 9:36 a.m. EDT, John Pike, founder of globalsecurity.com and Fox News military analyst, analyzed "exclusive" Fox News satellite photos of Iran nuclear production facilities which had apparently been covered over with dirt.

In response, Scott opined that Iran shouldn't need "peaceful" nuclear energy because they have a lot of oil (maybe they know it won't last forever). Scott also implied through his questions of Pike at 9:39 a.m. EDT that, "It would seem that that evidence is pretty concrete. There ought to be some sort of international backlash."

At 9:41 a.m. EDT, Pike mentioned the possiibility the facilities were being covered with dirt to protect them in case of a strike by the U.S. military or Israel.

Scott kept up the pressure with another guest at 9:45 a.m. EDT, Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association. Scott denigrated the IAEA as not having "any teeth" and suggesting Iran would try to stall IAEA long enough to build five to ten bombs. Kimball replied that other nations want to try diplomacy first, and besides he doubts Iran could stall long enough to produce that much fissible material. "They are still some time away from being able to make fissible material for a bomb," he said.

Will that matter to the Bushies, who have already screwed up two wars and might want to start a third, hoping to get it right this time?