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Get Over It!

Reported by Chrish - June 18, 2004 -

Jane Skinner and Shepherd Smith were chatting (June 17, Skinnerville, 3:33 EDT) about Bill Clinton's upcoming book.

Shepherd said he'd probably read it (and they managed to get in another plug for Neil Cavuto's book). Jane mentioned it was 957 pages or so, and said everybody's talking about how quickly you're going to skip to the index and look up Lewinsky, Monica.

Comment: Oh for crying out loud, grow up already. The man was PotUS for 8 booming, prosperous years, turned a (then) record deficit into record surpluses, created millions of well-paying jobs, protected the environment, stood for civil rights, and did a world of good. Methinks if his haters actually read the book, they might find he's not so bad after all, and the Bushkins never admit mistakes.