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Double Standards from Cavuto

Reported by Melanie - June 18, 2004 -

In today's "editorial" portion of Your World with Neil Cavuto, Cavuto strongly advocated that the press show what are purported to be the very gruesome pictures of the head of Paul Johnson, Jr. Cavuto said, "I want the world to see evil. I want the world to look closely at the images of Nick Berg, and now Paul Johnson."

He continued: "There is no nice way to show this." There is no way to "sugar coat this."

COMMENT: Cavuto wants Paul Johnson, Jr.'s severed head shown across the land, yet I don't hear him advocating that photos of the flag drapped coffins of US soldiers coming home from Iraq be shown; or photos of soldiers or civilians killed in Iraq or Afghanistan; or starving Somalians. How about we agree: let's not sugar coat anything!