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Reported by Deborah - June 17, 2004 -

James Cavalarro, a Harvard law professor, appeared on
Hannity& Colmes ( June 17,2004 9:22PM) to discuss a
letter signed by 400 legal experts asking Congress for
a thorough investigation of the prison abuses in Iraq.

This letter also requested that Congress not disregard possible
impeachment of responsible executive officers.This legal group
met with Senator Ted Kennedy to discuss their request. Alan
Colmes started the interview with a blunt confrontational question
which he repeated several times over Cavalarro's responses."Are
you calling for the impeachment of President Bush?" Colmes sounded
Hannity, on cue, asked Cavalarro to name his favorite President of the
last 100 years. Cavalarro's choice of F.D.R., set Hannity off on a rant
about the Japanese internment camps being an impeachable offense
and went on to badger Cavallaro about being partisan. Hannity continued
his attack, ignoring his guest's request to have his say. Colmes in the
background said, "You have ten seconds." Hannity blurted, "You're a
political hack." Cavalarro was never given a chance to make his point.

Comment: This display of obnoxious behavior is quite typical for Hannity.
He uses these tactics to silence anyone who disagrees with the party line.
However, this time he was dealing with a very serious issue presented by
an extremely reputable member of the legal establishment. His discomfort
was evident and he became increasingly frenzied in his efforts to prevent
Cavalarro from speaking. When Colmes ended the segment smiling, there
may have been a hint of embarrassment on his face. We'll never know.