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Yet More on the 27 Diplomats who Warned the Country, and now, Bush's in a League with Churchill!

Reported by Melanie - June 16, 2004 -

Today, in an interviewed William Harrop, former Ambassador to Israel, Neil Cavuto managed to steer the conversation to an ending that linked Bush to Reagan, and then placed Bush and Reagan in league with Winston Churchill!

William Harrop was appointed by the first President Bush as Ambassador to Israel. Mr. Harrop is a signatory to a letter released today, signed by 25 others, expressing deep alarm and concern at current President Bush's foreign policy blunders and urging he be voted out of office in November.

He appeared on Cavuto's program to talk about the letter:

Cavuto: How long have you been thinking about doing this?

Harrop: "We've been talking about it for two or three months." Bush has a "domineering approach to the rest of the world," and "we didn't need to work without others."

Cavuto: But "it's not as if we didn't try," we "worked with the UN for nine months" before going to war with Iraq.

Harrop: "It [our work with the UN] was inadequate." "We moved too quickly."

Somewhere in here Fox goes to a split screen, with US troops in Iraq shown on the second screen. (COMMENT: Split screens make it harder to concentrate on what the person speaking is saying. Split screens for the purpose of distraction are almost never shown when a Republican is speaking.)

Cavuto: The majority of Americans support removing Saddam Hussein from power. Is there a disconnect (allegedly between the letter writers and the rest of America)?

Mr. Harrop's interrupted before he can say much and then,

Cavuto: Is the world better off without Saddam?

(COMMENT: This question, of course, ends discussion, always, no matter what channel you're watching. It's asked specifically for that purpose and because it ends a conversation with Bush the winner.)

Harrop: Yes

Cavuto: Something about Ronald Reagan's poll numbers being low at the time he was "ending the cold war," and then about people laughing at Churchill while he was Prime Minister.

(COMMENT: Cavuto insinuates that what Bush is doing might not be appreciated for years to come; he connects Bush to Reagan, and he places both Bush and Reagan in league with Winston Churchill! These guys are good!)

Harrop: I think you're jumping the gun on Bush's legacy.