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Meals Ready to Eat

Reported by Melanie - June 16, 2004 -

Early in her 6.16.04 Dayside show, Linda Vester airs a regular segment purporting to show the good things that're happening in Iraq. She invites service members to write her with their stories and encourages them to include photos. One of the photos shown today was of a bedraggled little boy of about eight years old clutching a yellow package supposedly just given him by the person who took the picture. Vester says he's "clearly grateful for the humanitarian daily ration."

COMMENT: Now, first of all, is that their title? "Humanitarian daily ration?" Secondly, it was heartbreaking seeing this little boy hold so tightly to an MRE (meals ready to eat), as if he were truly hungry. Was he? If so, why? It's been more than a year that the US has owned Iraq. Is food procurement and/or distribution another of the problems? What's going on over there?