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He is Not Backing Down

Reported by Eleanor - June 16, 2004 -

On Studio B with Shepherd Smith at 3:29 pm ET, Jane Skinner reported that the 9/11 Report shows no credible evidence linking Iraq with 9/11. This statement is followed by a quote from Bush saying, "he is not backing down." Iraq "sheltered terrorists," and "paid families of suicide bombers who murdered Israelis."

Comment: I don't remember those being among the reasons we attacked Iraq. The connection of Iraq with 9/11 is the only reason many people support the war against Iraq. Now, they'll have to pretend that the new reasons are good substitutes, and that they really weren't lied to in the Spring of 2003. Isn't it strange how the supporters of Bush manage to twist the facts to fit their purposes? I suppose it works because God told him to do it.