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Do YOU Sense Good News is Just Around the Corner?

Reported by Melanie - June 16, 2004 -

Neil Cavuto opens today by saying "The markets didn't react to more bombings today" of Iraqi oil pipelines. "Maybe the markets too are sensing good news just around the corner." (Emphasis added.)

COMMENT: Really? The markets "too?" Are there lots of people and entities out there "sensing good news just around the corner?" Am I missing something? (Read on.)

This is Fox-speak. They subtly suggest something is a reality and the viewer's supposed to presume Fox knows what they're talking about, and that it must therefore be true. They're trying to buttress the notion that plenty of jobs are being created and we're on the path to a sound economy when many economists strongly disagree. Bear in mind though that this is an election year and Fox would have you vote for George W. Bush, so some of those nudges toward thinking a certain way might be just a wee bit partisan.