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Another Fox U.N. "Exclusive"

Reported by Judy - June 16, 2004 -

Jonathan Hunt was back on "Fox News Live with Jon Scott" on June 16 with another of his breathless accounts regarding alleged corruption at the U.N.

Hunt reported at 9:34 a.m. EDT that a senior investigator at the U.N. has been fired for "trying to get to the bottom" of why the black box from the 1994 plane crash which killed the leader of Rwanda has been sittng in a drawer at the U.N. untouched all these years.

The investigator was fired for allegedly leaking information about the matter to someone outside the U.N. -- Fox News perhaps?

Sounds pretty good, except that near the end of the report, Hunt says the U.N. has found that the flight recorder was not from that 1994 plane crash at all.

As Jon Scott said in his intro to the piece, "Fox News has been way out in front" on this story. Sometimes there's a reason nobody is following you.